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Volleyball Lesson Plans (Year 7)

Year 7: This resource includes:

  • Ball Fam.
  • Basic Volley/set shot (x2)
  • Basic dig (x2)
  • Underarm serve
  • The Tip
  • Games / Rallies

This resource includes:

  • To be able to use different parts of the body to contact and keep the ball in the air.
  • Students should be able to perform a basic set and dig technique and be able to apply these to small-sided competitive games and use them to begin an attack.
  • Rallies should be started with a basic underarm serve and students should understand rules regarding the scoring of points, rotation of court positions and catching/volleying the ball.
  • The students are to be constantly asked and tested on their knowledge and understanding of how to outwit opponents; evaluate performances; analyse strengths and weaknesses; whilst developing, adapting and refining skills, strategies and tactics to produce high levels of performances and high quality techniques.
  • Students should know by name the different areas and lines on court

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