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Netball Lesson Plans (KS4)

Year 10: This resource includes:

  • Defensive strategies and Games
  • Officiating and Coaching
  • Games
  • Offensive strategies
  • Full sided Games

Year 11: This resource includes:

  • Peer Performance Observation and Coaching with Full sided Games
  • Competition

This resource includes:

  • To perform, develop and incorporate the skills of passing, outwitting an opponent, shooting from a step, re-bounding, footwork from turning in the air and running, one handed passing and receiving in a full sided game of Netball.
  • They should be furthering their development of their knowledge and understanding of the tactics and strategies used in Netball when attacking and defending.
  • The student’s knowledge, understanding and performances are constantly tested in regards to how they outwit opponents; evaluate performances; analyse strengths and weaknesses; whilst developing, adapting and refining skills, strategies and tactics to produce high levels of performances and high quality techniques.
  • They should understand the laws and the scoring systems of the game, and recognise the importance of responding to changing situations within the game especially when in attack or defence.
  • To also be able to officiate both large and small side games.
  • They should also now know the benefits of a warm – up, stretching, cool-down, hydration and healthy eating prior to and after Netball

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