Behaviour and Rewards

Behaviour and Rewards

Our behaviour tracking software can coincide with your registers to track, monitor and assess students kit, 

  • behaviour
  • attitude to learning
  • attendance
  • class work
  • homework submission
  • knowledge
  • understanding
  • evaluation

The behaviour tracker produces daily, weekly, termly and annual reports on behaviour and rewards within PE.

The behaviour tracker links to the MIS systems within your organisation and you can also add certification, comments and targets from this tracker.

Rewards can be also recorded for good work in

  • resilience
  • coaching
  • officiating
  • team work
  • extra commitment
  • citizenship
  • sportsmanship
  • fair play
  • responsibilities

Rewards can also be given in formats of points, tokens, certificates, notes, virtual points etc to suit the PE Department. 

The behaviour tracker can be tailormade for your behaviour and rewards policies within your school so that this makes your tracking life easier.

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