Exams Online from PE Office

This facility enables your students to practice and complete actual or contextualised exams to create a well rounded and unique approach for new qualifications. 

You can use our Secure and locked down application to create your own: 

  • Contextualised exams
  • Exam preparation
  • Mock exams
  • Diagnostic exams and tests
  • Timed questions
  • Baseline testing

We have three types of exam available to you and your students to improve their knowledge, understanding and exam techniques for these brand new syllabuses and exams that are core units within each qualification.

1) Open PE Exams

Open at all times within PE Office for the students to get constant practice, feedback and development.

2) Custom Mock PE Exams

These are available only when your school wants to release them. These will then be unlocked at certain times for your students to complete.

3) Closed ‘Out of Hours’ PE Exams

These exams are available only out of hours, which are timed for your students to put into practice their knowledge in their own time.

Call us on 01909 776900 or fill in the details below to discuss using our exam application.

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